Now Clinical Strength Prostate Health Support Reviews

Looking for a safe, all-natural supplement that supports prostate health? Try Now Foods Clinical Strength Prostate Health. Whether you are already having symptoms associated with enlarged prostate or you are just looking for a good preventative, it is an excellent choice and very reasonably priced. It can help you just like it has helped thousands of men deal with the enlarged gland.

What is Now Foods Clinical Strength Prostate Health

Clinical Strength Prostate Health soft gels are manufactured by Now Foods, an established, leading maker of natural health supplements. Each serving of three soft gels delivers 850 mg phytosterols with beta-sitosterol, 320 milligrams saw palmetto berry extract (consisting 85% beneficial fatty acids), 240 milligrams stinging nettle extract, 200 mg quercetin, 100 mg turmeric, 100 mg green tea, 100 milligrams pomegranate, 10 mg lycopene, 1 g pumpkin seed oil, zinc, vitamin D3, and selenium. The key ingredients saw palmetto, lycopene, and beta-sitosterol, each proven successful in supporting good gland wellness, are provided at comparable potencies to those shown effective in clinical trials. The remaining ingredients are vital to providing nutritional support for your body and are important to healthy functioning.

Saw palmetto was first used to treat enlarged gland (or benign prostate hypertrophy) in Europe. Studies in both Belgium and in Germany produced results in patients within 45 days.

How does it work

This is formulated to support a healthy prostate gland in adult men. The gland is approximately the size of a walnut. As men age, it becomes enlarged, which can then press against the urinary tract and interfere with urination, causing difficulty and pain. Exactly how Saw Palmetto works are unclear, though studies show that it appears shrinks the inner lining of the gland which in turn reduces pressure on the tubes that carry the urine. As a result, urination becomes easier, and you are better able to empty your bladder. This means fewer trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It also may inhibit your body’s production of the enzyme that causes a growth of tissue.

Just three soft gels each day was taken with food deliver all its ingredients important to a healthy gland. Saw palmetto, nettle, and lycopene are very effective, particularly when combined, at restricting growth. The beta –sitosterol helps improve urinary flow. Zinc is important to the good gland and may help you with your libido. As men age, zinc levels diminish, so it is vital to supplement it. Most ingredients are proven powerful anti-oxidants, supportive to overall health.

Main Active Ingredients

Saw palmetto, phytosterols, stinging nettle, lycopene, zinc.

Advantage and Benefits

This is made by an award-winning company that has earned its recognition as a leading health food producer and seller. The Now team of experts in nutrition, biochemistry and other technical professionals are committed to the principle that natural products are better than humanmade products and are better for the health of Now customers. That principle is reflected in the quality of this and all of Now Food’s products.

Why use Now Foods Clinical Strength Prostate Health

Few other brands match the potency and quality of ingredients in a unique blend that is formulated based on science and results. The many favorable customer reviews speak for themselves. Many report no more pain, burning, or swelling soon after using it. One customer reported that he noted benefits within just 30 minutes of taking it.

Their company really knows how to make excellent natural health supplements. Established in 1968, their brand is a top-selling brand in health food stores. Known for the quality of the ingredients in this, as well as its sports nutrition and personal care products, Now Foods products have won many awards in recognition for quality and innovation in helping people live healthier lives. Now has a GMP certification, which helps ensure quality, from the moment raw ingredients are acquired through delivery to its customers.

Who Can Take this

This is formulated for adult men. If you are taking medicine or have a known medical condition, you should consult your health care provider before using this.

Are there Side Effects

When used as directed, this has no detrimental side effects. It is safe, all natural and effective for preventing or reducing the symptoms of an enlarged gland in men. It may contain soy. It contains no wheat, gluten, milk, egg, fish, or shellfish, but is produced in a facility that produces products that contain one or more of these ingredients.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Now Foods Clinical Strength Prostate Health is an excellent supplement. No matter what your age, you need to take care of your prostate by using an excellent, safe, and effective supplement like this one. Do not let your health deteriorate as you age. Take this over a long period, and you may even reduce your risk of needing stronger and risky medications later. Its unique antioxidant blend will provide added health support and even brighten up your libido.

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