MyMiracle Tea Dr Millers Formula Reviews

MyMiracle Tea is an herbal tea formulated by a doctor to help us gently eliminate waste, toxins, and undesirable matter from our body. It tastes great, and regular use of this tea can help us feel great as we become regular, just as nature intended. As an effective colon cleanse, it may even help us lose our cravings for unhealthy food.

What is MyMiracle tea

This was formulated by Dr. Miller, a well-known doctor who was also a P.E. coach and semi-pro baseball player. It was originally designed to help his athletes achieve and maintain optimal weight and health. This is manufactured in the United States from herbs grown in the United States.

Some of the unique herbs in this have been used medicinally for thousands of years. They have well-known medicinal, plus antioxidant properties. One key antioxidant ingredient is persimmon leaf, an important source of vitamins A, C, plus flavonoids. Another ingredient is Malva leaf. It is a mild diuretic with astringent properties and is excellent for soothing your digestive system membranes. Holy thistle, or blessed thistle, is used to treat liver, gallbladder disorders, and helps purify and circulate your blood. Other important, plus powerful ingredients include marshmallow leaf, ginger, as well as chamomile, each known for their very useful and time-tested health benefits.

How does it work

Each of the herbs in this wonderful tea is included for the special benefits they offer. When combined with one potent tea, you will feel better soon after you drink it for the first time. Its anti-inflammatory ingredients in marshmallow, ginger, plus chamomile will soothe your digestive organs while the laxatives and expectorants in the Malva, thistle, and chamomile will help you expel toxins, waste as well as relieves your constipation gently.

Use it by bringing four cups of water to boiling on the stovetop, and not in a microwave. Place two tea bags to water; also allow it to steep for four to six hours before drinking it. Dr. Miller recommends using filtered water or spring water if possible for best results. Start with drinking one cup of tea, and gradually increase it to two or more each day. You will likely find one to two cups is adequate to keep your bowels moving well. You should drink this with food, plus drink six to eight glasses of water each day. Within two or three days, our body will cleanse itself, and you will feel so much better. Signs of cleansing are personal to our body’s needs. They include diarrhea, stomach upset, plus gas.

Main Active Ingredients

Malva, persimmon leaves, marshmallow leaf, blessed thistle, chamomile, ginger.

Advantage and Benefits

The healing, plus nutritional qualities of all of the herbs in this tea will have an almost magically soothing, plus calming effect on your body and soul. They are beneficial for relieving so many uncomfortable conditions in your body and are effective in supporting good health throughout your system. Depending on your toxins that have built up in your body, you may experience wonderful collateral benefits such as appetite suppression, relief for indigestion and constipation, and even alleviating allergy symptoms.

Why use MyMiracle tea

This has the support of many doctors who know how bad it is for your system to be constipated. It is so important to have a healthy colon. As one doctor said, “A dirty colon equals dirty blood, dirty blood equals a toxic, plus acidic body…the number one cause of chronic disease and death… On the contrary, life starts in the blood…good, alkaline, clean blood that is associated with a clean colon.” Using this can help our body eliminate toxins that have built up in our body. After using it for a couple of months, one customer noted that she lost a significant amount of weight, had decreased bloating from the build-up of lactic acid throughout her body, and decreased the inflammation she had in her joints. This customer’s experience is not unusual. Many customers are amazed at the array of improvements they experienced in their health due to this. Most people use it for relief from constipation, as well as digestive disorders, but nearly every customer reports unexpected, added benefits.

Who Can Take this

Anyone can use this. Studies show that if you are pregnant or nursing, this can be very good for you and your unborn baby. It’s also especially helpful for colicky newborns (with dosage adjusted under the directions on the package) and for senior citizens. If you are taking medications, you should not use this product at the same time as it can flush the medication out of your system.

Are there Side effects

When used as directed, this product has no detrimental side effects. It is safe, effective, completely natural, also healthy to use. Some people may experience temporary gas, stomach upset, or diarrhea as the body goes through our initial cleansing process. After three months of use, you will likely notice that you feel significantly better than before you used this.

Conclusion and Recommendation

MyMiracle tea is a super cleansing supplement that can help your body detoxify gently and safely. Your entire body will undergo a cleansing that will eliminate waste and toxins through every channel available. The more toxins that your system released, the more potentially significant your experience will be. That will set the stage for tissue regeneration. Use this doctor-recommended tea to help get you there very nicely.

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