Proteinex 18 Liquid Predigested Protein Reviews

This dietary supplement is a natural predigested protein prepared in a liquid form containing highly concentrated amino acids needed to maintain the functions of our body systems. It provides energy to persons whose meals contain low-level of albumin. There are about seventy-two calories in two tablespoons of proteinex 18, which is the daily dosage required to enhance a vibrant lifestyle. It is free from carbohydrates, glutens, lactose, phosphorus, fat, and sugar.

What is proteinex 18

This is one of the best food supplements needed by patients suffering from malnutrition, HIV, wounds, cancer, gastric bypass, etc. It’is a natural food product made with proteins in a predigested form. Therefore, it is easily absorbed by your body systems and readily distributed to every part of our system for repairs, maintenance of lost tissues, plus other organs. This gives you the highest concentration of proteins in a small dose of 18 grams, which is 2 tablespoons. You do not need to mix this substance because it’s ready to take. It does not contain gluten, phosphorus, fat, carbohydrate, sugar, also ideal for bariatric patients that are not allowed to eat food and other liquid products.

How does it work

This is essential to prevent the loss of tissues, also enhances the healing of wounds. An already processed protein that is ready to take. You do not need to mix it because it’s easily absorbed and distributed to every part of your body systems. There is the highest concentration of proteins in a dose of two tablespoons, which is 18grams. It has a great taste and available in two unique flavors such as lemon lime as well as cherry. Ideal for children over twelve years of age, plus matured persons to take at least two tablespoons of this every day for an optimum result. Bariatric patients that do not eat food or drink other liquids are free to ingest this. It’s free from fats, carbohydrates, lactose, phosphorus, plus sugars.

The main ingredients

The main ingredient used to formulate this supplement is 18grams of protein containing seventy-two calories. It’s a liquid protein, readily absorbable into our blood stream.

Advantages and benefits

This is a liquid protein and has many benefits and advantages like:

  • Necessary for the reparation and restructuring of lost cells and other body tissues
  • Ideal for bariatric patients that cannot eat food or drink liquid substances
  • Contains two great flavors of cherry and lemon lime
  • There are natural preservatives in the product as it can last longer on the shelf
  • Free from sugar, carbohydrates, fats, lactose, and glutens
  • This is ready to use and does not need to be blended with any other ingredients
  • Easily absorbed into the blood stream, plus distributed to every part of our body
  • A small dose containing the highest concentrations of proteins in an 18 grams package
  • Needed for protein supplementation to individuals

Why use proteinex 18

This is needed for various reasons such as a supplementation for your protein needs. It’s suitable to restore and rebuild lost tissues and cells. There are essential and non-essential amino acids that could be assimilated into the blood stream. It’s ready to use and does not need further processing or blending.

Who can take this

The is suitable for children over twelve years of age and adults to maintain and replace lost cells and tissues in our body.

Are there side effects

There are no side effects for taking this liquid protein supplement because it’s a predigested product readily absorbed by the blood stream and conveyed to other parts of our body. It is also made with an organic ingredient, safe for consumption, and recommended by health care providers for a better health.

Conclusion and recommendation

Protein deficiency in your body is risky to a healthy lifestyle. You need to always, supplement with Proteinex 18 in order to always replace and revitalize dead cells and organs. A natural supplement recommended for you because of it safe for consumption.

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